Fishermen’s New Year as called in persian “NOWRUZ-E-SAYYAD” is ceremony for the cherished sea as the source of aliment. On this day, Fishermen in the village of Salakh in Qeshm Island,Iran, stop Fishing, they do not even eat seafood to respect the sea and nature and celebrate it. This ancient ritual is so beautiful and rich that many people from all around will come to Salakh village to see it in the heat of the early August (mordad) of the south of iran and hormozgan province.

On this day, the people  swim in the sea early in the morning to stay away from diseases, and drag their traditional boats to sea for race to celebrate old tradition and preserve it. In the evening, there will also be celebrations called “REZEEF and SHOOSHI. REZEEF is a ceremony in which two groups of men with a cane are confronted with several percussion instruments with the local name (KASSER) and sing  religious poems.

At the end, SHOOSHI with a strange look like aliens and a hat from a palm tree and a beard of palm bark, while the palm leaves are in their hands, enter to the village for jigging and Scare children. A group of SHOOSHI parade with fake animals like mice and camels along the coast.

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